Painting Process

Borbay Paints The Boss — Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen Collage Painting by Borbay

Bruce Springsteen. The Boss. 48″X48″ of collage and paint capturing a living icon. Reflected in his glasses… younger versions of himself. In the jacket? A visual representation of his inspirations, ideals and important places. Just as many songs make an album, many words and images make a portrait.

Check the entire process in two minutes… the track Runnin’ courtesy of Kuf Knotz.
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Painting Process

October Studio Update: Borbay Paints Pepsi, Buscemi

Central Park South Painting by Borbay

It’s been an intense October. As the paint flies and the leaves color, crisp and fall — here’s what’s happening in my world… and beyond.

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Painting Process

Long Island City Pepsi Sign Painting by Borbay

Pepsi Sign Long Island City Painting by Borbay

I’m delighted to present my latest commissioned painting: The Long Island City Pepsi Cola Sign.

Here is the entire process in two minutes with a gorgeous soundtrack entitled “Celestial Aurora Rose” courtesy of new collectors and music writers Katinka Locascio and Nelson Downend… produced by, Nelson and Ahmed Mahmoud.

Pepsi Sign Painting Source Image by Borbay

This was the source image… however, this exact view does not exist.

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General Action

Fan Photoshops Borbay’s Nucky in the Louvre With Jay Z and Beyonce

JayZ Beyonce Borbay Photoshop in Louvre

This afternoon, I was brunching with the ladies when I noticed this post on Instagram. If you didn’t hear, Jay Z and Beyoncé famously (and privately) toured the Louvre last week, and were photographed in front of the Mona Lisa. Thanks to a fine Photoshop job, my recently completed Nucky Thompson was framed and boom — meta. To answer many hot questions in one shot — Hip Hop’s Royal Couple did not acquire Nucky…

Someone else, however… did. Viva la’Internets.

Steve Buscemi Nucky Thompson Painting by Borbay

You can’t be half a gangster. Oh, and I have painted Jay Z.

Painting Process

A Portrait of Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thompson

Steve Buscemi Nucky Thompson Collage Painting by Borbay

“Never let the truth get in the way of a good story kid” — Enoch Malachi Thompson.

From the day Steve Buscemi strolled into my life, holding a radio station hostage… he quickly became one of my favorites. Whether he was ensuring the product was copacetic in Kings of New York, pulling unwarranted hits in The Soporanos, playing records in his Ghost World garage… gold. And along comes Boardwalk Empire…

Nucky Thompson Source Image by BorbayChoosing the right source image was critical… it was a decision I made with a little lot of help from my friends.

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General Action

August Update: Brad, Angelina, Mads, New Style

Title Guarantee Building LA Painting from Perch by Borbay

Fall is around the corner, and there is much to report! So, relax, grab a coffee, splash in some Buca’ and enjoy.

1. LA Mag Prints Perch Painting

My Hollywood hightail has been inked… by Los Angeles Magazine. This Perch Painting placement was the icing on an already delicious cake. In a former life, I met with Cameron Diaz at CAA to discuss a project… the experience inspired this. Big changes in life and style. Any suggestions for my next LA-infused work? Speaking of:

  • Friend and Collaborator Jeremy Penn’s show is tearing-up Hollywood

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Painting Process

Mads Mikkelsen Painting as Hannibal, Eat The Rude

Mads Mikkelsen Painting as Hannibal by Borbay

The AntiHero series continues with the mellifluous Hannibal, brilliantly portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen. Like many, when I heard about this series, my skepticism ran deep… that was, until I saw the acting by Mads and Hugh Dancy… all brought together beautifully by Bryan Fuller.

Dark, intelligent, haunting… the series guided my brush, resulting in a rich, fiery palette.

Here is the entire process in one minute, soundtrack courtesy of the Ambershift — check them out!

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Painting Process

Con Edison Tower Painting from Gramercy Park

Con Edison Tower Painting From Gramercy Park by Borbay

It was a beautiful two days painting alongside Gramercy Park. Not only did I explore a new stylistic approach, the Mayor of Gramercy Park — Arlene Harrison said hello, I had a traffic cop flash me his nipple, a dog peed on my easel bag, another dog left me a steaming treat, and, most pleasantly, I ran into Lisa and Co for extemporaneous cocktails in the park.

The dogs (and their owner’s), it would appear, are not that into me.

Here is the entire shebang in one brief video. Soundtrack by Kuf Knotz, I’m just finishing up his album cover…

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General Action

Artists And Writers Celebrity Softball Game 2014

Artists Team Again Artists Writers Softball Game

Thanks to friend and author extraordinaire, Zack O’Malley Greenburg, I joined my first Artists Writers Softball Game. 66 years in the making, the Artists’ Pollock-style splattered the Writers 14-8.

Here’s a fabulous video from Newsday — if you jump past Mort Zuckerman bashing the Artists to the :45 second mark, you’ll see me expressing myself… with a bat.

Jim Leyritz Borbay Artists Writers Softball Game

With Jim Leyritz, former Professional Baseball player and current softball home-run hitter. One of us won several World Series titles… care to guess?

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Painting Process

Angelina Jolie, A Commissioned Portrait

Angelina Jolie Collage Painting Portrait by Borbay

Introducing my latest painting: a portrait of Angelina Jolie. She will be joining Mickey O’Pitt in a new collection… together in life, together in art.

Here is the entire process captured in Time Lapse… the soundtrack features the song “Coraline” — written and performed by MH the Verb, featuring Jules… my new favorite song.

Angelina Source

This was the smoldering inspiration for this painting. A deeply provocative pose, no doubt.

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