Painting Process

Mindscape Exuma Blue

Mindscape Exuma Blue Painting by Borbay

My Bahamian painting adventure as Art Exuma‘s first Artist-In-Residence continues with ‘Mindscape Exuma Blue’. The sky and water are so polarizing in The Bahamas, they became a must-paint.

Here is the entire process in a minute, soundtrack courtesy of The Bergamot. The track, ‘Remedy’, is from their fabulous forthcoming album Tones — you can pre-order here.

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General Action

David Chase Discusses The Final Scene Of The Sopranos

James Gandolfini Tony Soprano Collage Painting by Borbay

Here is some amazing insight on the final episode of ‘The Sopranos’ from David Chase himself, courtesy of DGA. This, of course, was one of my favorite all-time series… hence, the portrait of Mr. Gandolfini.

Painting Process

Mindscape Emerald Bay — Painted On-Location, Great Exuma, The Bahamas

Mindscape Emerald Bay Painting by Borbay

Introducing my second painting created as Art Exuma‘s first Artist-in-Residence: “Mindscape Emerald Bay.” This 14″X18″, acrylic on canvas work, represents the first time I’ve merged land-and-mindscapes. I’m finding myself deeply influenced by the Bahamian magic.

Mindscape Emerald Bay Painting Process by Borbay

As you can imagine… inspiration comes swiftly when this is your studio.

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General Action

Studio Visits on Forbes

Jason Borbet Studio Visit's Piece on Forbes

If you’d like to read about the business benefits of visiting an artist’s studio, please check out my latest piece on Forbes. Enjoy!

Painting Process

Mindscape Exuma, The Bahamas In Abstract On Canvas

Mindscape Exuma Painting by Borbay

On Saturday morning, my Family embarked upon a journey… NYC to Miami to George Town. This isn’t necessarily a difficult itinerary, but we were with our 20-month-old, 6-week-old and enough luggage for two months. Such is the case, upon arrival in The Bahamas — we were thrilled. I’m now spending time in paradise as an Artist-In-Residence.

To kick things off, I decided to expand upon my new Mindscape series, inspired by the view. The shapes were stream-of-conscious, but the colors owe a debt to Mother Nature.

Borbay's Grand Isle Resort Great Exuma Studio

Here is my set-up, naked, ready, willing, at the majestic Grand Isle Resort. I’m here thanks to the vision of Peter Nicholson, who saw something in this art-paradise connection — thank you Peter. Before I go further, another thank you goes out to Jeff Todd for bringing this all together. Thank you Helen, Anisa, and my new social media partner, taking charge with Art Exuma, Patrícia.

Here is the entire process in a minute… soundtrack by Kuf Knotz, who just released an album. And now… for the full process.

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General Action

Draper Bench Viewing Draper Painting

Draper Bench Admiring Draper Painting by Borbay

Sculpture meets painting.

Painting Process

A Collage Painting Portrait of Bill Shelton

Bill Shelton Collage Painting by Borbay

Introducing my latest painting — Bill Shelton, in full stride on the beach in Mustique. I had the good fortune of meeting Bill through friend and collector Gareth Evans.

Bill Shelton Photo by Gareth Evans

And, in what goes down as a first, Gareth provided the source image for the painting! Choosing the perfect photo to work from is no small feat — having this identified up front was huge.

Before we jump into the photographic process, here is the entire creation captured in time lapse. Special thanks to Kuf Knotz for the fantastic soundtrack — good luck with the new album.

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Thinking Out Loud

March Update: Forbes, Bahamas, Vega

That’s a stretch #Vega

A photo posted by Borbay (@borbay) on

Dear Friends, Family, Collectors and Fans, 2015 has been momentous. On February 5th, at 7:45AM, Vega Keanne joined our Family. On the easel? I’ve painted The Lincoln Memorial, a second Mindscape, and several new commissions. Beyond the studio? I’m now a contributing writer with Forbes. Oh yes, and I’m off to the Bahamas for two months to paint on the beach. Let’s get granular. Continue Reading…

General Action

I’m Now A Forbes Contributing Writer

Borbay Speaks at Forbes Photo by Glen Davis

It began with a cold call to Forbes back in 2011, asking for Zack O’Malley Greenburg. I had just completed my #KingsofHipHop portrait series, when I spotted his Cash Kings of Hip Hop list. Fortunately, Zack entertained my call, previewed the show and we became friends.

A few years later, when Zack mentioned his second book, I breached the topic of cover art. Last year, Michael Jackson, Inc. hit the shelves. Fast forward to 2015… Zack asked if I had any interest in writing about art as a Forbes Contributor?

Absolutely. I’m excited to explore the new art world with you… five times a month, in fact. If you have any topics you’d like me to tackle; art world questions, artists or gallerists to interview — just drop me a line.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know… my given name is Jason T. Borbet.

Thinking Out Loud

“Artistic Transformation” — A Profile In The Smithtown News

Jason Borbet Smithtown News feature Page 1

A wonderfully written interview courtesy of Jennifer Eyring at The Smithtown News. Click either the image for a closer look… and if you’d like to download a pdf of the story, click here.

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