Painting Process

A Collage Painting of Wheaten Terrier — Jagger

Jagger Collage Painting by Borbay

I’m honored to present a new painting of the late, beloved Wheaton Terrier — Jagger.

Jagger Source Image

The work was based on this source image of Jagger, hanging out at home, with her head tilted to the side and eyes full of love.

A Portrait of Wheaton Terrier, Jagger by Borbay

You can view the entire creation process in 90 seconds by clicking on the video above. Before we move on to the photographic recap, I’d like to give a special shout to Pete Pidgeon and Arcoda for the absolutely perfect soundtrack.

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General Action

Before I Go: Studio Visits, Shipping, Commissions, Market Status

Borbay and the Tetons

Before I leave Manhattan on July 7th, here are a few important housekeeping items to share.

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Thinking Out Loud

June Update: Going Nomad, Exuma, Press

Mindscape Painting Vega by Borbay

Every month or so, I send out a newsletter… There is much to share — including my biggest announcement to date, new work, a Bahamian adventure and some exciting press. 2015 is now officially a game changer.

Family On The Go

1. Going Nomad

On July 9, 2011 — I married my dream girl. In our vows, we promised to raise a family, travel the world and share our dreams. And so, fittingly, on July 8th, we are hitting the road to do just that… here’s the entire story.

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General Action

A Group Show At Livestream Public in Brooklyn

A GROUP SHOW AT Livestream Public

On Saturday, June 6th, from 6 – 10 PM — I’ll be showing alongside a group of spectacular artists at Livestream Public in Brooklyn. You can RSVP to the event on Facebook… and/or simply roll through. This will be my final public showing in NYC before I go nomad.

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General Action

Going Nomad

Borbay On The Go In Exuma

On July 8th, our two-year lease expires, but we aren’t renting another apartment. Instead, Erin, Coraline, Vega and I are leaving Manhattan and going nomad. Here’s the story… beginning right after college.

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Painting Process

Painting of Santana’s on Little Exuma, The Bahamas

Painting of Santanas on Little Exuma The Bahamas by Borbay

Introducing my final Art Exuma painting — the world famous Santana’s Grill Pit, located on Little Exuma. After Erin drove across the island to have lunch here with Jeanne, my Mother-In-Law, she returned letting me know this was a spot to paint. She was, as she often is, 100% on the money.

Painting Process of Santanas on Little Exuma The Bahamas by Borbay

Here is my glorious set-up. The plan was this — Tom and I would head over to Santana’s, start a painting, grab lunch, then drive over to school and pick up Coraline.

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Painting Process

Mindscape Exuma Shadow, New From The Bahamas

Mindscape Exuma Shadow A Painting By Borbay

Introducing my fourth Art Exuma painting — “Mindscape Exuma Shadow”.

Mindscape Exuma Blue Painting Process by Borbay

The idea for this painting occurred when I spotted this dramatic shadow cast over Mindscape Exuma Blue. It sent the wheels turning, and on the island, there are no traffic lights.

Mindscape Exuma Shadow — Borbay Original Painting by Borbay

Here is the entire process in a minute, soundtrack courtesy of The Bergamot. Be sure to snap-up their fabulous forthcoming album Tones — you can pre-order here.

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Painting Process

Mindscape Exuma Blue

Mindscape Exuma Blue Painting by Borbay

My Bahamian painting adventure as Art Exuma‘s first Artist-In-Residence continues with ‘Mindscape Exuma Blue’. The sky and water are so polarizing in The Bahamas, they became a must-paint.

Here is the entire process in a minute, soundtrack courtesy of The Bergamot. The track, ‘Remedy’, is from their fabulous forthcoming album Tones — you can pre-order here.

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General Action

David Chase Discusses The Final Scene Of The Sopranos

James Gandolfini Tony Soprano Collage Painting by Borbay

Here is some amazing insight on the final episode of ‘The Sopranos’ from David Chase himself, courtesy of DGA. This, of course, was one of my favorite all-time series… hence, the portrait of Mr. Gandolfini.

Painting Process

Mindscape Emerald Bay — Painted On-Location, Great Exuma, The Bahamas

Mindscape Emerald Bay Painting by Borbay

Introducing my second painting created as Art Exuma‘s first Artist-in-Residence: “Mindscape Emerald Bay.” This 14″X18″, acrylic on canvas work, represents the first time I’ve merged land-and-mindscapes. I’m finding myself deeply influenced by the Bahamian magic.

Mindscape Emerald Bay Painting Process by Borbay

As you can imagine… inspiration comes swiftly when this is your studio.

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