Painting Process

Painting Process | Time Out New Yorks 12th Floor View, Update Shot

Four Session Borbay TONY Painting Shot

Two more sessions have been completed on my latest 12 square foot painting at Time Out New York‘s Headquarters. I have moved to a central alcove where I have more room, and fabulous plastic furniture to call my own. Yesterday, K’Naan set up in the lounge and performed a song, drawing a crowd of Time Out New Yorker’s to watch, photo and record. Erin came by to check out the space, and I hit a groove on the canvas – focusing on refining and polishing from the bottom up.

Borbay's Time Out New York Studio Part One

Here is a shot at the end of Day 3, with a hazy city view in the background, and a blurry canvas in the foreground.  Ah, depth of field – it’s a sonofabitch. Stand by for continued progress on this picture, on Twitter.

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