Art Barre Soirée At Ski Barre, March 4, 2017, 7-9PM

Art Barre Soiree Poster March 4 2017 Jackson Hole

It began as… the sun was setting behind the Teton Mountains. A late summer chill descended upon the crowd, patiently witnessing a gentleman exhume, skin and dismember a lamb.  Soon, the performance became a barbecue. Huddling around a large fire spit, I turned to my left, extended a hand and introduced myself to David and Michelle Quinn. We discussed art, life and promised to continue the conversation over dinner. As our friendship blossomed, our circle expanded to include Avi Kantor, David’s partner, and Rachel Kantor, the owner of Ski Barre. On a freezing night in Victor, Idaho — we decided to collaborate on something special — a happening of our own. And so…

The Certior Group and Ski Barre invite you to… join us, on Saturday, March 4th, from 7-9pm at Ski Barre, for the first, one-night-only Art Barre Soirée. Peruse Borbay’s electric artwork, sip a signature Jackson Hole Still Works cocktail and mingle with fabulous people in Ski Barre’s breathtaking new studio.


Event Date: March 4, 2017; 7-9pm

Event Location: Ski Barre/Westbank Dance; 3465 N Pines Way, Wilson, WY 83014; Phone: (307) 203-2886

Event Sponsors: The Certior Group and Ski Barre

RSVP: By Email, or Facebook

Ski Barre Map


Carlos Danger Painting by Borbay

Borbay Self Portrait Painting 2016

Neon Guggenheim Painting by Borbay

Jeff Bridges as The Dude Painting by Borbay

Old Town Bar Neon Sign Painting by Borbay

Santanas Exuma Painting by Borbay

Mindscape Vega Painting by Borbay

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones by Borbay

Con Edison Tower from Gramercy Park Painting by Borbay

Title Guarantee Building Painting by Borbay

Welcome to Las Vegas Painting by Borbay

Price List — Password: MyPlaceInJackson

Borbay Logo Borbay Dot Com


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