Howdy Stranger Yonder Is Jackson Hole Sign Painting

Howdy Stranger Jackson Hole Sign Painting by Borbay

Howdy Stranger! I’d like to introduce my latest painting…

You can experience a version of this beautiful sign at the top of Teton Pass. Another once graced the Jackson Hole Airport exit… alas, the times, they are a’changin.

Would you like to see the entire painting come together in one minute? Fantastic! Do read on for a detailed, step-by-step process analysis.

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A Breathtaking View From The Four Seasons Jackson Hole

Four Seasons Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Painting by Borbay

Ah, that Four Seasons Jackson Hole view… I had the great fortune of setting-up my easel to capture the legendary slopes for a second time…

A Four Seasons Jackson Hole View

Painted on-location at the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Jackson Hole… watch this painting come to life in a 60 second time lapse. Love the soundtrack? Check MH the Verb x ArtHouse95 for more lyrical lusciousness…

Posted by Borbay on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Here is the entire process captured in time lapse… that soundtrack? Yes, MH the Verb is spectacular. Do read on friend…

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Art Barre Soirée At Ski Barre, March 4, 2017, 7-9PM

Art Barre Soiree Poster March 4 2017 Jackson Hole

It began as… the sun was setting behind the Teton Mountains. A late summer chill descended upon the crowd, patiently witnessing a gentleman exhume, skin and dismember a lamb.  Soon, the performance became a barbecue. Huddling around a large fire spit, I turned to my left, extended a hand and introduced myself to David and Michelle Quinn. We discussed art, life and promised to continue the conversation over dinner. As our friendship blossomed, our circle expanded to include Avi Kantor, David’s partner, and Rachel Kantor, the owner of Ski Barre. On a freezing night in Victor, Idaho — we decided to collaborate on something special — a happening of our own. And so…

The Certior Group and Ski Barre invite you to… join us, on Saturday, March 4th, from 7-9pm at Ski Barre, for the first, one-night-only Art Barre Soirée. Peruse Borbay’s electric artwork, sip a signature Jackson Hole Still Works cocktail and mingle with fabulous people in Ski Barre’s breathtaking new studio.

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Old Town Bar Neon Sign Painting

Old Town Bar Neon Sign Painting by Borbay

Whenever I return to Manhattan, I find myself wandering the streets… memories, flowing like wine. In November, I met good friend, Tony Black, for a pint of the dark stuff at Old Town. Before leaving, I told the owner, Fitz, “I’m going to paint your sign.”

Raw Source Image Old Town by Borbay

They say, “do what you say you’re going to do,” so I did… and here was my source image.

My legally issued artistic license allows for interpretation. If you’d like to see the entire process in one minute in time lapse, narrated by yours truly… view this video… more of a photo and commentary person? Read on dear friend.

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A Portrait of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela Collage Painting by Borbay

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” — Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela was a passionate leader… someone who spent 27 years in prison for his convictions, fought apartheid, and triumphantly became South Africa’s first black chief executive. When I was commissioned to create this portrait of Madiba… I immersed myself in the life and times of one of the world’s great leaders.

You can view the entire painting process, narrated by yours truly, in one minute. Do read on for a step-by-step analysis of the process.

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Arco — The Great Atomic Carcass

Arco Idaho Throwdown © Borbay

The following is a true story… prose by Ryan Ariano… photos by Borbay…

It’s a disturbing thought, that somewhere in the Idaho high desert lurks a nuclear submarine, carrying the mark of the beast on its fin and the skeletons of Kruschev, Einstein, Oppenheimer, a forgotten city named Arco and a forgotten man named Zinn in its buried gut. For now the devil sub is frozen under moongrass, a small but vital relief for the burger joint standing at its bow. But you never know if, once the city has returned to dust and the vast Idaho winds have unearthed the great hulking corpse, it will set sail through the loam and finally off into the atomic sunset that had been promised here so long ago.

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Carlos Danger Glows Ominously In The Arizona Night

Carlos Danger Painting by Borbay

Sometimes… the connection finds you. While researching neon signs, I discovered the Blue Swallow Motel. My attention immediately turned to the swooping bird… reminiscent of Twitter’s logo. Most 140-character-missives dissolve into the collective unconscious… some, as we now know, can change history.

I’ve been wanting to create a piece exploring Anthony Weiner’s pseudonym, ‘Carlos Danger‘, for ages — and the Blue Swallow triggered a memory. I met Weiner back in 2011, just as his first scandal hit the airwaves. Weiner is an ice hockey goalie, for those who don’t know. Clearly, Anthony had his hands full, so the team needed an emergency substitute keeper — not uncommon in beer league.

So there I am, half suited-up and ready to skate — when a distraught Weiner shows up in long baggy basketball shorts and a rather unseemly tank top. He began whining to the captain, who was sitting next to me getting his skates on. Needing the “stress relief”, he pleaded for the crease. I told the captain, “your team, your choice. If I bounce, you need to give me 30 bucks and a six pack.”

Well, the captain paid up, I got undressed and went home. The next day, I received a call, “sorry man, I wish you played, we lost 12-3. I’m trying to get a municipal contract out of him, so you know how it goes.” Even beer league hockey is ruled by politics.

I digress. Here is the dangerous process from start-to-finish captured in time lapse, with a soundtrack courtesy of my man MH the Verb. Read on for the creative process…

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